The Meerkats (2008)

I’m generally a big fan of documentaries, as I’m an information sponge and just soak up every little nugget that I can grab with my grubby lil’ paws.  I think I mixed some metaphors or whatever there.  Either way, The Meerkats is an odd sort of documentary, as it does impart a great bit of knowledge about the habits and habitat of those weird creatures, but it mixes it with a pseudo story involving the runt of the litter.

Paul Newman – in one of his last film credits before he died – provides the ongoing narration / storytelling and the result is entertaining, if fairly uneven.  Gorgeous camerawork of natural events and landscapes are occasionally mixed in with odd thematic camera angles to serve the story aspect (example: an eagle or some bird is about to pounce on one of the meerkats SPOILER ALERT and the camera shifts to a shot of the claws about to pounce).  I enjoyed it, though I didn’t exactly agree with all the editing choices.

3 / 5


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