Still Waiting… (2009)

Sigh.  There are few things as depressing as an unnecessary straight to DVD sequel to a modestly successful film.  Yes, Waiting… did make over six times what its budget was, but that only made it $18 million.  It was a financial success for the investors, but it was not a MONSTER comedy hit or anything.  It’s made even worse when most of the original cast don’t sign up for the sequel, and then EVEN MORE depressing by the ones that did sign on.  All that being said, I did somewhat enjoy the first Waiting… so why not watch the follow-up?

Amazingly enough, I liked it the same amount.  The second brings back a few familiar faces (some in cameo roles), but it doesn’t provide the same emotional journey Justin Long’s character went through in the first one.  That’s fine though, that story has already been told.  John Michael Higgins was enjoyable enough, there was plenty of eye candy that (to my knowledge) didn’t even have character names.  Bubbly Blonde #2 was super hot though.  Or was she brunette?  Doesn’t matter.

I don’t think I laughed out loud once, but I did enjoy it, especially Alanna Ubach’s filthy sexy mouth.  Good lord, she’s tremendous, although Google Image Search must not like her for some reason.  Oh wait, if you put “Hung” behind it, well you’re in business.  Safe Search off!

3 / 5

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