Martian Child (2007)

John Cusack has been an actor that I’ve long-admired, though sometimes it has been hard.  Yeah, he’s the star of many films that I consider to be definitive genre movies (High Fidelity the definitive movie about how insecure guys are in relationships, Better Off Dead the definitive 80s movie, etc.), but he’s also been in a lot of pretty explosions/disasters movies to pay his bills.  I try not to begrudge him that, since we all need to make a living somehow.  He’s usually the most likable actor in a movie, and almost always the most quotable.  Thankfully he hasn’t gotten to Kevin Smith-level with me yet.

Anyways, Martian Child is a lot like the adopted son of K-PAX, similar story structure, similar consequences, except in this case it’s not a transient that believes he’s from another planet, but a young boy.  Which of course has a whole different level of psychology to it.  It’s a decent enough movie, nothing offensive about it to me, but it’s nothing spectacular either.  See it if you like John Cusack being himself, and surrounded by a supporting cast of familiar and very capable actors doing their jobs.

2.5 / 5

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