The Champ (1979)

Before yesterday, I had no idea this movie existed.  Actually, since I’m writing this on July 28th for publication on August 15th, before July 28th is how it should read.  Where’s an editor when you need one (Ed. note: this isn’t even that long of a write-up so I’m just going to leave it in) ?  Apparently The Champ is renowned as “the saddest movie ever”, according to some Canadian scientists.  After watching it, a claim like that just makes me wonder if I’m dead inside.  Also, John Cena does not appear in it at all.  The Champ is, in fact, not here.

Jon Voight stars as Billy Flynn, a boxer former boxer that decides to return to the “sport” of pummeling another human being in order to cover gambling debts and to provide a future for his son T.J. (Rick Schroder).  Faye Dunaway stars as the mother T.J. never even knew he had, because Flynn said she was dead.  There, I’ve covered almost all the trauma for you.  I think we’re all desensitized enough to go on.

For a movie that’s almost as old as me, it’s not terrible, but it ain’t great either.  Schroder perpetually seems to be glassy-eyed, like the producers were just torturing him to get the right amount of tears for their youth serums… oh wait, that was The Dark Crystal.  Again, it was alright, nothing to write a tear-soaked letter home to mom about.

3 / 5


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