Primer (2004)

I don’t even know where to begin when explaining Primer to someone that has never seen or heard of it.  It was filmed on a tiny $7,000 budget, but it certainly doesn’t look like it.  All of the scenes and camerawork and well everything involved in the movie, looks genuinely authentic and low tech.  None of the actors involved are “name” actors, and none of them have gone on to any degree of massive success.

The entire movie was the brainchild of Shane Carruth, who wrote, directed, produced, acted and provided the score for the film.  Carruth used his knowledge of mathematics and engineer experience to craft a movie that doesn’t care if you know what the hell the characters are talking about.  No shortcuts are taken with the jargon, it’s all technobabble.  For the first bit of the movie you’ll be sitting there wondering what vague thing they’re talking about.

Primer is about time travel, in a sense, but also about human conditions, relationships, etc.  I always enjoy time travel movies, because I get to nitpick about how “right” or “wrong” they got it in terms of my understanding of time travel (which is impossible, sadly).  Primer – to my knowledge – gets it right, though I’d be lying through my blog-writing fingers if I said I knew for sure exactly what the hell was going on.  Even the smartest people in the world could watch the film, and still require at least one re-watch to fully understand what went on.  Not a movie for everyone, but I certainly was spellbound.

4.5 / 5


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