Limitless (2011)

It’s Bradley Cooper week!  No, it is not, it is a coincidence that I watched two Cooper movies in a row.  There was no intent whatsoever to make this A Thing.  Looking at his Wiki page though, I’m wondering about what actually the standards are for Wiki content.

Very important information here.

Anyways, the first time I saw Cooper in something was the long-forgotten TV show “Alias”.  He was charming enough and was playing a character that I actually rooted for.  Then I rapidly lost interest in “Alias” and forgot he existed until his prick turn in Wedding Crashers.  Was it method acting?  Either way, dude ended up becoming quite savvy at picking projects that would be financially successful but would ultimately lead many of us to question whether he was actually talented or not.

My viewpoint on that is: meh, I dunno.  He was pretty good in The Hangover, but again, that’s just more prickish behaviour than anything.  Case 39, Valentine’s Day, New York I Love You and All About Steve were all varying degrees of suck, not just blaming him or anything.  The A-Team movie was what it was, and that brings us to Limitless where the movie is 90% filled with Cooper.

He pulls it off, at least for me.  He embodies a character that goes through very distinct phases, and while portraying those different phases hits all the right notes and makes us feel what we’re supposed to be feeling for him at that point.  It’s almost at The Game-level of conspiracy, but doesn’t go dark enough to reach that level, and that’s fine, that’s not the kind of movie it is.  In fact, don’t ask me why I typed that, because I don’t know if I can explain it to a satisfactory level.  I will recommend Limitless to you if you are looking to bolster your love of Bradley Cooper, or at least maybe begrudgingly admit that he may be more than just a pretty face.

4 / 5

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