Michael Jackson’s This Is It (2009)

This is another of those movies that I don’t have much to say about.  When Michael Jackson died, he was rehearsing for his huge comeback series of concerts in London, England.  He wasn’t rehearsing in London, sorry, he was in California.  He died 18 days before the concert series was supposed to begin.  CONSPIRACY~~!  Or not, as he had lived an extremely unhealthy lifestyle.  Ironically, those hyperbaric chambers did nothing for him, and it turns out a doctor probably (allegedly/accidentally) killed him.

Anyways, the footage in This Is It was never intended for public viewing, but since the Jackson family essentially wanted more money from the corpse of their most famous member, they signed off on allowing director Kenny Ortega to put together the hours of footage into this documentary.  Normally a documentary serves some sort of viewpoint.  This one shares dance moves, and singing.  It’s essentially like an “Entertainment Tonight” fluff piece.  It’s not terrible or anything, just seems listless and pointless.  Then again, I was never a huge MJ fan, so maybe his hundreds of millions of fans worldwide took solace in seeing a scary-looking human being days before he died, performing songs that last hit the charts back in oh, I dunno 1995 maybe?  Unless you’re a huge MJ fan still seeking closure for some reason, there’s no point in wasting almost TWO HOURS of your life watching this.

2 / 5


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