For Your Consideration (2006)

I was a fan of the “mockumentary” genre of films that Christopher Guest made, though I don’t hold Waiting For Guffman in as high regard as I do Best In Show and to a lesser degree, A Mighty Wind.  I say “was” because, well with all the viral marketing and such nowadays, the whole “making things feel real” deal is kinda played out, much like indie films in the mid ’90s were just an excuse for lazy screenwriters to reference semi-obscure pop culture trash from their childhoods and call it “Tarantino-esque”.  GET OFF MY LAWN.

This Guest-directed and co-written by Eugene Levy movie is about the making of a movie.  Those always do well.  Oh and the buzz that surrounds lead actress Marilyn Hack’s (Catherine O’Hara) performance in the film-within-the-film leading industry insiders to suggest she would be in line for an Oscar nomination.  Pretty much all of the usual Guest crew show up for this movie, along with some new faces in Ricky Gervais, Sandra Oh and John Krasinski (essentially very bit parts).

It’s alright, that’s about all I felt about it.  Of all the Guest films that I’ve seen since 1996 (only missing Almost Heroes and there’s a very good reason for that), I’d rank this one last in terms of enjoyability, quality, entertainment, y’know, the key ingredients you want in a movie-watching experience.  Merely average.  And another thing, it never really seems to lose the “mockumentary” feel, even though there’s no mention of it being filmed by a crew or anything.  It just feels off.

2.5 / 5


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