Insidious (2011)

Perception is a weird thing.  In yesterday’s post about The Lincoln Lawyer, I went on and on about how I thought Matthew McConaughey and Josh Lucas were the same person.  But not everyone agrees with me.  Just last weekend I was watching The Switch (good movie in my opinion) with some friends, and one of them remarked how Patrick Wilson looked different in every film but still retained his Patrick Wilson-ness.  That’s how she perceives him, whereas with me, the only time I think I’ve ever seen him look different was pudgy in Watchmen.  Moving on though!

Insidious.  I can’t wait to finish this post so I never again have to see the little red line under my incorrect spelling of the word.  Some horror / supernatural thrillers are genuinely terrifying to me.  The Blair Witch Project, the Paranormal Activity movies, they strike a legitimate terror chord with me.  A lot of other people see them and complain because they’re slow, “nothing happens”, etc.  A lot of these people are the ones that shriek at every Final Destination movie (they rejected my suggestion of spelling it 5inal De5tination), where everything is telegraphed and cartoonishly gory.  I don’t know if they psychologically can’t put themselves in the characters and imagine how they’d react if something that you could not perceive was terrorizing you.  I don’t know if they need their horrors mapped out for them.  We just agree to disagree.

For me, Insidious is the worst kind of the new genre of horror.  It’s creepy for the sake of it, like a clown standing outside an orphanage throwing animals into a wood-chipper while children laugh in the background (Ed. note: if that ever shows up in a movie, the author would like to know about it so he can file a lawsuit).  It does have a genuinely terrifying premise, that the child is being haunted, no matter where the parents (Wilson, Rose Byrne) move the family.  I have had similar incidences in my life where I feel that something is occasionally taking time out of their busy afterlife to haunt my present life, so it struck a chord with me.

But then so much dumb “creepy” shit started happening.  When the exorcist in your movie is played by the Landlady from Kingpin (Lin Shaye), you’re going to have to get really dark for me to put that image of cunnilingus face out of my mind.  Decent premise, alright acting, but then it falls apart for me.  Some people might love it and be all SO SCURRED BY IT, but not this jaded movie guy.  I found it to be pretty close to laughable overall.

1.5 / 5


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