The Company Men (2010)

Full disclosure: as I write this, I’m currently unemployed.  I used to work for Blockbuster Canada, but as a result of the bankruptcy of the American BB using our company as collateral for a loan from the studios and then the Americans defaulting on that loan, I was laid off.  I haven’t worked in over a month.  Right now I have a couple of things in the pipeline, but everyday that I wait to hear back from companies.. it’s one of the most deflating and hard things I’ve ever had to do in my life.  Yeah, it could be much much worse, but that knowledge doesn’t make everyday any easier to endure.

Having said all that, I am prefacing this write-up of The Company Men by saying that it is certainly possible that my current situation coloured my opinions on the film, the premise, the acting, etc.  Hell, I gave Meet the Fockers a 3.5 / 5 once because I was so happy to be in the company of the girl I loved while watching it (Ed. note.: she turned out to be a psychotic evil bitch of epic proportions that fucked up his emotional state for years).  Sometimes movies don’t live up to repeated viewings, especially viewings years after the original fact where you’re just not the same person you were when you first watched Chasing Amy and could identify with it So Much (Ed. note.: pretty sure that’s a very specific personal reference).

So if you know nothing about this movie, it basically deals with the collapse of the American economy and how Good People lost their jobs due to Greedy Companies protecting their bottom lines through downsizing.  BFleck is your lead actor in terrible emotional peril, and he does as fine a job as he’s done since discovering Humility.  Kevin Costner continues to accept his new role as blue-collar character actor guy, Chris Cooper shows us a new level of desperation, Maria Bello does her usual great job of lingering nakedly through some scenes, Craig T. Nelson is alright as Asshole Boss, and Tommy Lee Jones makes us forget that he’s kind of a prick in real life.

Great acting all around, an engaging – if a little too close to some people’s hearts – story (Ed. note: his) with real emotional impact (Ed. note.: he got misty-eyed), and decently directed by first-timer John Wells who also wrote the movie.  SPOILER ALERT for the next two days: It was the best movie I watched for July.

4.5 / 5


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