Julie & Julia (2009)

Okay, this is possibly the chickiest of chick flicks that I’ve reviewed so far on this blog.  Apparently it’s based off of true events or something, which means that in 2017 there will be a movie based on this blog since I have taken the initiative to watch a movie a day, every day for a full year.  At least.  If it’s a studio movie, then Hugh Jackman will play me.  Independent, Patton Oswalt.  I’m hoping to sell the rights to an Indie studio.  Weinsteins, I am easy to find!

Oh yeah, the true events are that some woman decided to cook every recipe in Julia Child’s Joy of Cooking book for an entire year.  And there were more recipes than days!  OH MY GOODNESS, I would not be able to cram even more movies into my daily life and still be a trophy whore on PSN (skoochtacular, add me).  The lovely and gorgeous and wonderful Amy Adams plays Julie, the girl attempting that .. achievement, and Meryl Streep plays Julia Child back in tha day.  Yes, Streep was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Lead Imitating a Real Live Person category.  She didn’t win, but her performance was quite good, as was Adams’ and again, I can’t find many terrible movies on Amy Adams’ resume.

Yes, it’s a Nora Ephron movie, but it’s got amazing Stanley Tucci in it, and really, HE should have gotten an Oscar nom for being himself!  He’s wonderful!  This is actually a decently well-made and entertaining movie.  My ex didn’t like it, and she was a cook, and she let her 3-year-old son watch Running Scared so you can judge her based on that.  Or judge her judgment on that.  Anyways, solid movie, enjoyable.

4 / 5

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