Red Dawn (1984)

Before you ask, no, I had never seen Red Dawn before this viewing.  I had heard many things about it, there are countless references to it through a multitude of pop culture mediums, and I just didn’t really care.  I mean really, it has Charlie Sheen in it!  That does not sell me on anything!  The best thing he’s ever been in was Being John Malkovich and I don’t even think he got the joke!  That was back in 1999!  Charlie Sheen sucks!

Also in the cast are the co-leads of Dirty Dancing, and while I always found Jennifer Grey attractive (pre and post nose job), Patrick Swayze has never done anything for me.  Thankfully this movie has a great supporting cast of grizzled character actors in Harry Dean Stanton (AVENGE MEEEEEE) and Powers Boothe.  Apparently, Red Dawn was the most violentest movie in the history of ever when it came out.  I’m sure something stupid has eclipsed it by now.  Oh wait, there’s a remake of it coming out later this year.  THANK GOD, because if there’s anything we need to have remade, it’s movies that are so deeply rooted in the time period that they take place in that there’s no reasonable fathomable alternative to explain the change other than “fuk u guise, we gon’ mak $$$!”  Or something else.

Anyways, Red Dawn is actually quite decent, and much like Citizen Kane, you should watch it just so you can get all those pop culture references that you don’t notice in things.

3.5 / 5


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