Doubt (2008)

Just looking at the actors involved in this film makes you think it’s going to be amazingly great.  Philip Seymour Hoffman (Along Came Polly), Meryl Streep (It’s Complicated) and Amy Adams (ummm, looking through her filmography I can’t find a terrible movie that I’ve seen to attribute to her.. let’s go with The Wedding Date) acting in a movie based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning play.  Doesn’t that just scream marketability?  Ehn, sometimes writing a snarky review is difficult when the movie is of such high quality.  There were only four other movies that I rated higher than Doubt that I watched in July (Rango and Kill the Irishman were watched before I started this blog, the other two will be showing up soon).

Will you like it?  I don’t know, do you like great performances?  Do you like deservedly nominated for Oscar Awards quality acting?  Do you hate awkwardly phrased sentences (this is more of a survey question)?  At first I thought it was a fairly short movie, but the Wiki says it is 104 minutes long.  It’s a testament to the acting and the somewhat dark subject matter that the movie only feels like it’s 86 minutes long, briskly accomplishing its goal.  A very solid movie, that most people will just pass by because it looks boring.  Those people can continue to pump money into shitty Michael Bay movies for eternity, as long as quality movies are still made.  I don’t know where I was going with that, but yeah, fuck Michael Bay.

4 / 5

Not gonna provide links anymore, if you wanna read about things on the Wiki or IMDb, you know how.


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