Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)

I realise that there was a period of time in the history of film where “B-movies” or “Grindhouse” flicks were insanely popular and played to packed drive-ins and in seedy theatres across America.  Since I’m Canadian, we didn’t get the 70’s until late in 1987 and even then it was only a brief flirtation with disco and stupid pants and then neon colours were invented and we kinda caught up to the whole 80’s movement.  As it were – to my possibly incorrect knowledge – we didn’t really have a love affair with shittily-acted, dumb-premised and terribly made movies.  Generally, we didn’t like or celebrate bad movies for how bad they were.  In fact, we think Mac & Me is just as extraordinarily shitty as everyone else (except noted movie historian Paul Rudd).  However, most CBC-produced television series covered us in that regard.

My point is that… well maybe I don’t have a point, but I certainly have an opinion.  Yes, there is an audience for B-movie / Grindhouse films but I am not part of it.  I do not see the point in celebrating the fact that you made a mistake on purpose in your filmmaking because that is what the Grindhouse films were like.  If you make a mistake on purpose, it is not a mistake.  It is terrible editing.  I sat through the Grindhouse presents double pack of Planet Terror and Death Proof and enjoyed them despite themselves, and I thought Machete was passable at best.

Hobo differs from those films in that it is gloriously Canadian and that is about it.  The acting is sub-par (BUT FOR A REASON you’ll say!), the effects cheesy (THAT’S THE POINT) and the story ridiculous (DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT A GRINDHOUSE MOVIE IS?).  I liked Hobo despite itself, but not to the point where I will hold it up as an amazingly enjoyable film or anything.  In fact, I will say that if you want to watch an awesomely well-made and entertaining B-movie that transcends that genre, watch Rubber.

2.5 / 5

Here I go pointing you to the Wiki and IMDb pages devoted to this movie.


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