Ali (2001)

I was going to do this wonderfully clever and (hopefully) hilarious send-up of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song lyrics but CHANGED to reflect the life of Muhammad Ali as portrayed by Will Smith in the Michael Mann-directed biopic but instead I said “no, I don’t wanna.”  Mostly because the movie wasn’t THAT inspiring to me.  It did inspire me to track down When We Were Kings which I’ll be getting to in several days, but not to rewrite a classic TV theme song.

Yes, I liked it, but only marginally more than I did Beastly which I was mostly indifferent to, but more surprised by the fact that I didn’t hate it.  Am I damning Ali with faint praise?  Sure, why not.  The acting was quite good all around, and after seeing Kings, I think I was even more impressed by Smith’s acting in this movie.  But again, he’s like Tom Cruise.  Any “acting” you seem to get from them, you kinda view as the most disingenuous acting of all.  Sure, it might be a perfect impersonation or whatever, but it rings hollow, whereas a guy like Ryan Gosling can embody these characters.  I am probably not explaining it in the best ways, but there it is nonetheless.  Jon Voight was top fuckin’ notch as Howard Cosell though.  And if anything, this movie has also made me want to watch Malcolm X because Mario Van Peebles was goddamn engaging dammit.  Solid film, if ultimately unsatisfying.

3.5 / 5

Some more information is available to you , you just need to Wiki it and then IMDb it.


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