The Brothers Grimm (2005)

I am not a Terry Gilliam fan, at all.  The best thing I think he did was 12 Monkeys and if you really think about it, the goddamn movie was about nothing.  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is pretentious drug twaddle, and I still have to watch Time Bandits (I think I saw it when I was a kid, but since I can’t remember a goddamn thing about it, it will count towards #movieaday) and Dr. Parnassus.  I initially had no intention of watching the latter one because it just looked so bad.  I mean, it has Andrew Garfield and Johnny Depp in it, two actors I can barely tolerate in regular movies let alone a Gilliam goint.

Anyways, BrosGrimm at least has Matt Damon in it, and he’s Mr. All America, as well as Heath Ledger, whom I generally don’t ever have a problem with.  In fact, I think he was one of the actors that most males were all “yeah, I guess he’s talented” begrudgingly, like a dude can’t be beautiful and skilled too.  Also, Monica Bellucci and her gravity-defying rack!  Peter Stormare too!  So why did I basically tune out halfway through it?

Because it’s not that good.  It’s a story that’s been done before (schysters getting caught and actually having to do the thing they purportedly were supposed to be doing before) and even the super talents involved weren’t enough to drag it out of the muck.  Which is A Shock, since most Gilliam movies are smoothly-run masterpieces.  /sarcasm

1.5 / 5

Wouldn’t you like to know all about how Gilliam fucked up his own movie / it was all the Weinsteins fault?  Wiki it and read some other stuff on IMDb too.


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