2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

Okay, before July, I had never seen a Fast & Furious movie.  I might have seen a combined 2 minutes of commercial footage, but I never intended on ever ever watching them.  Then The Rock was in Fast Five, which I knew I’d eventually see.  Of course, this was around the time that I was still employed by that asshole company Blockbuster.  Now, even though I was laid off by them, I knew I was still going to want to see F5 (or however the cool kids are abbreviating it) because I’m still a wrestling nerd, and aside from The Scorpion King, I don’t think there’s a Rock movie I’ve not seen.  But I didn’t want to go into F5 (not the Brock Lesnar move nor the EVIL TWISTER OF DEATH) not knowing what was going on, or why chicks still dig Vin Diesel.  So – since I was told the Fast & Furious movies weren’t terrible – I decided to watch all of them.

Now, I was actually surprised that I didn’t hate The Fast and the Furious, but sequels are usually not as good, and 2F2F (I feel dirty typing that) certainly lived up to that reputation.  It wasn’t horrible though, just so you know.  This was a movie I watched a couple weeks ago, so no snarky commentary on it, just today’s Movie A Day.

2 / 5

This is probably not going to be the format for most of the blog, just movies that are sitting in the queue, waiting to be counted for the Movie A Day project.  From now on, I’m intending on  writing running commentaries (MSTK style or serious, depending on how a movie is grabbing me) for movies I’m watching.  In theory.

Wanna learn more about this movie? 2 Fast 2 Furious at the Wiki or at IMDb


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